Natasja van der Meer

Natasja van der Meer (1969) studied sculptural art at the Nieuwe Akademie in Utrecht. She likes to use different kinds of material, to express her vision on modern life. In her work, Van der Meer regularly incorporates existing objects to create iconic images, often with a sense of humour.

A reoccurring theme in her work is childhood and parenthood. Van der Meer’s interest in the curiosity and innocence of children and the way they experience this weird and wonderful world, has a considerable influence on her working process. Working on tiny details in life inspire Van der Meer to make a sculpture. In order to express her ideas, the artist works with scale: Van der Meer’s sculptures are often a scaled version of existing, smaller objects. The adjustment of the size of these objects often evokes a sense of alienation and confusion.

Recently Van der Meer started to use beads as three dimensional pixels to create hanging sculptures. With admirable precision she puts all elements together to create a clear recognisable image. Through the use of different techniques, the artist ensures that no discrepancy arises between the object and the final enlarged artwork. Keywords are simplicity and clarity, and no unnecessary details are added to the artwork. This simplicity and unambiguous expression make the works of Van der Meer not only accessible, but contribute to the experience of aesthetic enjoyment of her art.

Her work has been shown at multiple exhibitions a.o. at Gemeentemuseum Den Haag in The Hague and Singer Museum in Laren and is included in several collections such as the Heineken Collection Foundation and Collection De Heus. 

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